Speakers Update

As we look ahead to the Liberty Political Action Conference on September 18-20, we’re excited about all of the opportunities the event will offer grassroots activists to strengthen their outreach for freedom and meet others who are working hard to reclaim the Republic.

We’re also excited to have so many terrific speakers joining Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul to address the major issues facing our nation.  These speakers include Senator Rand Paul, Representatives Thomas Massie, Walter Jones, Tim Huelskamp, and Paul Broun, as well as Ken Cuccinelli, Campaign for Liberty President John Tate, National Right to Work President Mark Mix, author Bill Kauffman, radio host Mike Church, Young Americans for Liberty Executive Director Jeff Frazee, and many more.

Check out our “Speakers” page to see the list of confirmed speakers so far, and stay tuned for updates!

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Early Bird Deadline Extended!

Our deadline to register for all three days of General Session events for only $89 (compared to the regular price of $139) has been extended from today to July 4!

So don’t miss out!  Click here to see all of our ticket options and to reserve your spot today.

If you’ve already purchased your ticket(s), be sure to invite some friends and family to join you for what we’re working to make the biggest and best LPAC yet.

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You Can Make a Difference

Reposted from CampaignForLiberty.org:

The core philosophy of LPAC is very simple: you can make a difference.

So often we’re told (and inclined to believe) the establishment myth that one person can’t make a substantial impact, particularly when it comes to issues liberty-minded Americans are concerned about (i.e. “your phone call or petition won’t matter on Audit the Fed or [insert issue here].”)  It’s no secret why entrenched politicians and special interests make this argument, as they clearly benefit from the status quo and voter apathy.  Considering they’ve run us straight into a $17.5 trillion debt ditch (and believe we can get out by digging a deeper ditch), and how little they seem to know about basic economics, security, and their constitutional limits, why should we take their word for it that political activity is futile?  (Plus, they’ve been repeatedly, loudly, and concretely proven wrong.)

As a voter and activist, you hold the power.  Granted, it often doesn’t feel this way when you see one monstrous bill after another pass through Congress and be signed by the President, but those bills only prevail because those who wanted them fought for them and stuck with it until their ideas became law.  And they’ve built their support networks over decades.  As a community of grassroots activists, we too can realize our goals through consistent issue education and mobilization.

At LPAC 2014, you’ll learn about the pressing issues of the day from leading experts, and you’ll gain insight into how to effectively communicate the liberty message and grow our ranks.  You’ll also be equipped with tools from seasoned political veterans who have been on the front lines of the fight and know what works, what doesn’t, and how to properly apply pressure to make politicians respond and defend liberty.  Most importantly, you’ll see exactly why real change is possible and how you can play a key role in making it happen.  When you leave LPAC 2014, we believe you’ll be more motivated and excited than ever to turn your passion for change into action.  By spending time with like-minded people, you’ll see just how strong our movement is and discover what your fellow activists are accomplishing across the country.

You can obtain tickets to all three days of General Session events for only $89 for now, but those tickets will return to $139 once our Early Bird rate ends.  You can also reserve your room at the Hilton Mark Center at a discounted rate, but don’t wait too long, as space is sure to run out fast!  To learn more, and check out other special ticket rates, click here today!

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Announcing the Fourth Annual Liberty Political Action Conference!

Last year, LPAC 2013 marked the biggest LPAC yet, as hundreds of grassroots activists, over 40 speakers, and representatives from liberty-minded organizations and businesses gathered at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia, for a memorable weekend.

And we can’t wait to top it this year!

LPAC 2014 will be held on September 18-20 at the Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia.  You can learn more about the hotel here.

From now until June 1, attendees can obtain tickets to all three days of General Session events at a special Early Bird rate of just $89!  On June 1, a three-day pass will return to $139.  Other ticket options/discounts are also available.

Those interested in exhibiting at or sponsoring LPAC 2014 should email us at lpac@campaignforliberty.com.

LPAC 2014 will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to counter the establishment’s efforts and advance liberty on the local, state, and national levels, and you’re sure to leave energized and motivated to take a stand.

So make your plans now to join us in Alexandria, Virginia, for LPAC 2014 this September!

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