Schedule of Events

Liberty Political Action Conference 2014

(All times subject to change)

Thursday, September 18th


4:00PM – Registration Opens        Pan Am Foyer

5:30PM – Private Briefing with Senator Rand Paul*         Juniper

6:15PM – Exhibit Hall Opens          Lower Foyer

6:30PM –LPAC 2014 Kick-Off- Matt Hawes, Vice President of Programs           Plaza Ballroom

6:30PM – Senator Rand Paul             Plaza Ballroom

6:50PM – Elizabeth Newberry, Executive Director, Campaign for Liberty Foundation     Plaza Ballroom
Presentation of 2014 Ron Paul Scholarship Recipients

6:55PM – Congressman Justin Amash            Plaza Ballroom

7:15PM – Congressman Thomas Massie         Plaza Ballroom

7:30PM – Private Briefing with Congressman Justin Amash*            Juniper

7:35PM – Glenn Jacobs       Plaza Ballroom
“Who Needs Statism?”

7:55PM – Congressman Mark Sanford          Plaza Ballroom

8:15PM – Congressman Paul Broun               Plaza Ballroom

8:35PM – Congressman Raúl Labrador        Plaza Ballroom

8:55PM – Senator Ted Cruz           Plaza Ballroom

9:00PM – Registration Closes

9:30PM – Exhibit Hall Closes

9:30PM Welcome Reception            Terrace Room
Hosted by America’s Liberty Political Action Committee & the Poker Players Alliance
(Open to all LPAC attendees)


Friday, September 19th


9:00AM – Registration & Exhibit Hall Open           Lower Foyer

10:00AM – Doug Wead, Author          Plaza Ballroom
“Messaging Liberty – Being an Effective Communicator”

10:20AM – Jonathan Bydlak, President, Coalition to Reduce Spending       Plaza Ballroom

10:40AM – Panel Discussion –        Campaign for Liberty Grassroots Activists
Plaza Ballroom    “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things”

10:30AM – Private Briefing with David Warrington*          Juniper
“How to Protect Your Civil Liberties in the Age of Big Brother”

11:00AM – Mark Mix, President, National Right to Work            Plaza Ballroom

11:30AM – Jim Antle, Editor, Daily Caller News Foundation         Plaza Ballroom
“The Liberty Movement vs. The Establishment (Of Both Parties)”

11:50PM – 1:20PM –  Lunch Break

12:00PM – 1:00PM – Book Signing with Dr. Ron Paul            Lower Foyer

1:30PM – Breakout Session – Poker Players Alliance              Beech

1:30PM – Mike Church, Radio Host          Plaza Ballroom
“Letters of Marque and Reprisal – A Constitutional Counterterrorism Strategy”

1:50PM – David Warrington, Attorney            Plaza Ballroom

“Campaign for Liberty v. the Internal Revenue Service”

2:10PM – Dudley Brown, President, National Association for Gun Rights           Plaza Ballroom
“Debunking Common Objections to the 2nd Amendment”

2:30PM – 2:45PM –Break

2:50PM – Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow, The Independent Institute              Plaza Ballroom
“Which Presidents should be on Mt. Rushmore?”

3:00PM – Young Americans for Liberty Breakout                Beech

3:10PM – Tim Carney, Senior Political Columnist, Washington Examiner            Plaza Ballroom

“Challenging Crony Capitalism”

3:30PM – Ken Cuccinelli, Former Virginia Attorney General              Plaza Ballroom
“In Defense of Civil Liberties – Suing the NSA”

3:30PM – 4PM – Book Signing with Ivan Eland               Lower Foyer

4PM – 5PM – Private reception with Dr. Ron Paul*           Terrace Room

4PM – 5:30PM – Dinner break

5:30PM – Book Signing with Joel Salatin                  Lower Foyer

6:10PM – Jeff Frazee, Executive Director, Young Americans for Liberty            Plaza Ballroom

6:15PM – Bill Kauffman, Author            Plaza Ballroom
“Get Local”

6:40PM – Joel Salatin, Farmer, Author              Plaza Ballroom
“Effective Messaging for Food Freedom”

7:05PM – Lee Goodman, Chairman, Federal Election Commission               Plaza Ballroom
“How Free is Free Speech?”

7:30PM – Kirk Shelley, Senior Consultant, Campaign for Liberty               Plaza Ballroom

7:40PM – John Tate, President, Campaign for Liberty                  Plaza Ballroom

7:50PM – Ronnie Paul, Chairman of the Board, Campaign for Liberty                Plaza Ballroom

8:10PM – Dr. Ron Paul          Plaza Ballroom

8:30PM Registration Closes

9:30PM Exhibit Hall Closes

Saturday, September 20th


8:00AM – Registration opens             Lower Foyer

8:30AM – 9:30AM – Breakfast with Dr. Ron Paul*            Terrace Room

9:00AM – Exhibit Hall opens              Lower Foyer

9:45AM – Breakout session – Matthew Holdridge                 Beech

10:15AM – Breakout session – Jack Hunter & Dan McCarthy                Beech

10:45AM – Panel Discussion Craig Dixon, Cliff Maloney, Megan Stiles, & Tim Shoemaker       Plaza Ballroom     “Millennials”

11:15AM – Kim Hartke, Publicist, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund                Plaza Ballroom      “The Fight for Food Freedom”

11:35AM – Panel Discussion – Jack Hunter & Dan McCarthy               Plaza Ballroom

12PM – 1PM – Lunch break

1:10PM – Mike Rothfeld, President, Saber Communications                  Plaza Ballroom

1:35PM – State Senator-Elect Donald Huffines (TX-16)             Plaza Ballroom

2:00PM Registration Closes

2:00PM Exhibit Hall Closes

2:00PM – Julie Borowski, Policy Analyst, FreedomWorks              Plaza Ballroom
“Having Fun Spreading the Message of Liberty”

2:20PM – Shawn Dow, State Coordinator, Arizona Campaign for Liberty            Plaza Ballroom

2:40PM – Tony DeMott, State Coordinator, Michigan Campaign for Liberty           Plaza Ballroom

3:00PM – Talbert Black, State Coordinator, South Carolina Campaign for Liberty          Plaza Ballroom

3:20PM – Ted Patterson, State Coordinator, Maryland Campaign for Liberty             Plaza Ballroom


*Denotes separate, paid event not included in general admission price. Please inquire at registration for ticket availability.